Boundary Lubrication IssuesLubrication Analysis

Adhesion is the result of two parts that drag across one another without adequate lubrication-film separation. This is also called Boundary Wear or Boundary Lubrication. The particles can be scuffed with striations from the dragging. The particles may show signs of melting due to the localised over-heating. Spherical particles are common when compete melting occurs.


Microdelamination is surface damage caused by steady state sliding and metal to metal contact at the microscopic asperity level. Damage occurs due to the plastic deformation at, or just below, the surface. The stress creates voids in the sub-surface belby layer initiating cracks. Cyclic motion causes the cracks to propagate resulting in particles which flake off.

Asperity Deformation

Asperity Deformation is caused by micro microscopic asperity contact that results in the asperities on the softer material plastically deforming, or smearing in the direction of movement. Repeated contact eventually leads to removal of the asperities at the weakest point.

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August 19, 2016 Chris McEwan  Oil Analysis