Detecting imbalance or misalignment is simple with most data collectors but the CSI 2130 can also detect developing faults on bearings and gears. Emerson’s patented PeakVue® processing applies digital technology to detect stress waves – the earliest sign of bearing and gear wear. Demodulation and other analog technologies typically cannot detect such faults until much later – after the machine is already damaged.

PeakVue processing not only offers the earliest warning of developing faults, it also provides an indication of severity. Measurements can be translated into reliable trends to determine the optimal timing for maintenance. With PeakVue, machinery faults are clearly visible in the waveform, opening up new options for fault detection and diagnosis.

Full Spectrum of Measurement

Another unique feature of the CSI 2130 is its exceptional frequency range. Using Emerson’s patented Slow Speed Technology (SST), the CSI 2130 can accurately measure signals on critical low speed equipment that would be out of range for other vibration analysers. The CSI 2130 also boasts the highest frequency range in the market. It can measure signals up to 80,000 Hz, which is important for accurate diagnosis of centrifugal compressors and other high speed machinery.

Variable Speed Analysis

Variable speed analysis is essential to any effective machinery health programme because most critical pieces of equipment must be operated at varying speeds to accommodate the changing production demands. While most vibration systems do not take variable speed into account during data collection, the CSI 2130 automatically adapts all of its diagnostic tools to variable turning speeds during routine data collection. This provides an accurate evaluation of developing problems in the field.

Correlate Vibration and Process Variables to Identify Machine Problems

Use the dual-channel feature of the CSI 2130 to correlate machinery vibration with process variables. This is accomplished by inputting the process information as a volt signal into one channel, while monitoring vibration on the other.

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August 19, 2016 Adminwp  Vibration Analysis