There are different methods which can be used to connect a vibration transducer to a piece of equipment. In order of preference, these are:

The vibration transducer is screwed onto a threaded stud which is attached to the machine, typically by drilling and tapping a hole, or by stud welding. Is commonly used only with inaccessible systems and online systems.

Adhesive Mounting

As an alternative to stud mounting, vibration transducers can be glued to the equipment using suitable adhesive.

Magnetic Mounting

Commonly used for route based monitoring or other temporary data collection, magnetic mounting involves connecting the transducer to a magnetic base which is then magnetically attached to the equipment. This method can only be used if the mounting location is ferromagnetic.

Hand Held Probes

Hand held probes wield the poorest results and are not recommended but are sometimes necessary because of access restrictions or safety concerns.

There are three main types of vibration transducer.

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August 19, 2016 Chris McEwan  Vibration Analysis