Case Studies

Our selection of case studies spans across every major industry, showcasing  a range of cost-effective projects we’ve carried out to save our clients money.

We constantly look to harness the benefits of condition monitoring to prevent breakdowns, reduce maintenance costs and increase machine reliability.

Oil Analysis Case Study

Elemental analysis identifies incorrect oil type on fleet of train vehicles

Elemental analysis was performed on samples that are routinely collected to aid in predicting the likelihood of a bearing failure.

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Major fan failure prevented on a newly built production line

Major fan failure prevented on a newly built production line, resulting in £50,000 cost saving and reducing production downtime from 12 weeks to 36 Hours

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Rail oil analysis

Rail oil analysis prevents costly downtime for major train operator

Train operator prevents downtime by eliminating the need for constant turbo repairs.

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Condition Based Maintenance Programme Results In £295,000 Cost Avoidance

GulfMark tasked PCMS Engineering with rolling out a Condition Based Maintenance Programme throughout their modern fleet of offshore vessels.

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vibration monitoring

Vibration Monitoring Improves Bearing Maintenance Schedule at Network Rail

PCMS were requested to carry out a multi-technology health check on Network Rail’s fleet of track maintenance support wagons’ axle bearings.

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Rail Condition Monitoring

Rail Condition Monitoring Extends Service Life of Electronic Multiple Unites

PCMS worked in conjunction with a train operator to extend the in-service life of their 16 car fleet 30 year old EMU's (Electronic Multiple Unites).

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Rail Thermal Imaging

Rail Thermal Imaging Highlights High Electrical Load In Railway Rolling Stock

PCMS Engineering worked with the fleet at London Underground to undertake a full thermographic survey of electrical equipment.

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Electric Tram Pantograph Detects Fault Cable Connection

PCMS Use Video Footage To Identify Fault On Electric Tram Pantograph.

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Nuclear Industry

Equipment Reliability Model Returns 8% Maintenance Cost Reduction

Equipment Reliability Model returns a 8% Maintenance Cost Reduction at nuclear plant.

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Stress wave monitoring saves money

£4M cost avoidance through fleetwide application of Stress Wave Monitoring

A north sea platform supply vessel operator reduces failures from five to zero per year, saving an estimated £4 million.

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Integrated Work Management

Integrated Work Management Underpins £15M Productivity Improvements

Integrated Work Management service saves Sellafield nuclear site £15m per year in productivity improvements and efficiency savings.

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Mixer Reduction Gearbox

Stress wave Tests Identify Defected Bearing in Gearbox

PCMS performed an independent health assessment check on the Mixer reduction gearbox at Contitech to determine if the internal components were fit for operational purpose.

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Stress wave analysis

Stress wave analysis increases service life of critical mining equipment

Critical mining equipment failing at half its predicted life span. Stress Wave analysis identifies problem and increases service life.

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shipping condition based monitoring

off-shore vessel investigation identifies damaged teeth/crack in a gear

PCMS were asked to provide an Engineer to confirm the location and possible cause of an impact noise coming from the Port Azipull Pod Gearbox area.

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Rail Condition Based Monitoring

Rail Condition Based Monitoring On The Right Track

PCMS work with major train operators in the UK to reduce maintenance costs and prevent failures.

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Mining Shearing Arm

Vibration Analysis saves UK Coal £400k

PCMS Engineering use vibration analysis to pinpoint fault with ranging arm, saving UK Coal £400,000 in lost production time.

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