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Detect problems early to protect your critical machines

For most manufacturers, unscheduled downtime caused by an unexpected failure on a highly critical piece of equipment is simply not an option. Identifying and preventing failures early can pay dividends, resulting in significant cost savings and downtime avoidance.

Implementing Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) can provide you with valuable insights on the condition of your critical machines, enabling you to proactively schedule your maintenance tasks by only performing maintenance work on assets when required.

The decision to implement condition-based maintenance at your plant can depend on several factors, but a greater return on investment is often seen if your plant is experiencing some of the reliability challenges listed below.

vibration analysis

Are you experiencing any of these problems?

  • Increasing backlogs of corrective maintenance tasks
  • Unacceptable levels of plant downtime
  • High percentage level of intrusive maintenance activity
  • Operational, maintenance, project asset care and support service work is not efficiently delivered
  • Site delivery resources are not effectively utilised
  • Planned preventative Vs predictive maintenance balance is poor
  • Ineffective workflow management and control procedures

We can help

Support you on your journey to better reliability

We can help you make the transition from a predictive to a proactive culture. Whether you are just getting started, improving your exiting equipment reliability programme, or looking for a reliability company that can step in when needed and step back when not, our expertise and CBM tools and technologies make us an ideal reliability partner.

Cut Maintenance Costs

Condition-based maintenance can help your plant make significant savings on your maintenance spend by reducing unexpected failures and increasing machinery availability. It ensures that maintenance work is only performed when irregularities are identified in the real-time data, meaning you can better prioritise your maintenance tasks.

Yield the best return possible on your investment

There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to reliability. That is why we work with you to identify your goals, budget and processes to tailor a programme to your exact needs, making sure you get the best return on your investment possible.  Our success is dependent on your success – we achieve when you achieve.

Get actionable insights on your assets

Your machines talk. Condition-based maintenance technologies enable us to understand what your machine is saying by measuring its signals, messages and patterns. This means we can provide you with reports and recommendations to make data-driven decisions, with enough lead time to plan and carry out corrective actions around your maintenance schedule.

Our Solutions

Our Approach

If you are just getting started with CBM, we can support you to identify your most production critical assets and their failure modes, taking into consideration your reliability goals, budget and preferred methods of maintenance to build an Equipment Maintenance Plan (EPM) that is bespoke to your requirements.

If you already deploy CBM on your machines, we can review your existing programme to make sure you are getting the most from it and have enough lead time to fix problems in the most cost-effective way.



The very first step is for our team of reliability consultants to work with you to identify which assets to monitor. We do this by reviewing your existing EPM to ensure the right resources are deployed on the right assets at the right time.


Site Scope

We will attend your site and perform a site scope to build an asset list (if you don’t have one already) to highlight your most critical assets and agree on monitoring methods, maintenance tasks, failure modes, etc.


Setup & Baseline

We will carry out an initial baseline survey in conjunction with your team. We will also make sure all members of your maintenance team understand the different types of CBM technologies and the role they play.


Data collection

Using a multi-technology approach, our attending reliability engineers and consultants will collect data from your chosen assets but also utilise the tools available to identify other reliability issues (depending on time and accessibility).


Results & Reports

We will highlight conditional data anomalies, making recommendations and uploading our multi-technology report to our web-based reporting platform, Asset Insight 365. This will enable you to make data-driven decisions and schedule corrective action.


Continuous Improvement

Your maintenance strategy is constantly evolving, which is why we will always have a strong focus on continuous improvement. We will regularly review your CBM strategy to make sure you are achieving the best possible return on your investment.

What our clients say

Our Successes

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Want to discuss your reliability requirements?

Our CBM experts are always available to talk about your reliability requirements. We can arrange to visit your site or discuss via phone or online meeting if preferred. Talk to us today.