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Reduce Your
Maintenance Costs With Condition Monitoring.

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What is Condition Monitoring?

Condition monitoring is the process of monitoring the health of machinery while in operation. It’s a proven technique in detecting potential equipment failures so maintenance can be proactively scheduled when needed.

At PCMS Engineering, we utilise a range of condition monitoring technologies to pinpoint component failures in underground tunneling machines, ship gearboxes, railway traction motors and much more.

Improve Reliability

Maximise machine productivity and enhance service life.

Plan Maintenance

Schedule repairs and services during non-peak times.

Reduce Costs

Reduce repair costs by eliminating unexpected downtime.

Shane Melaugh

Condition Monitoring Saves UK Coal £400,000

“PCMS Engineering pinpointed faults on our ranging arm, saving us £400,000 in lost production time."

Martin Norman
Chief Engineer

About us

We understand the challenges faced by organisations to reduce maintenance costs, increase equipment reliability and avoid unnecessary machine downtime. That’s why we utilise our wide range of analysis tools, monitoring techniques and technologies to deliver a bespoke maintenance programme that is cost-effective and reliable.

We are proud of our success in supporting such major organisations as British Gypsum, First Scot Rail, National Express, UK Coal and much more.




Whatever your business, we can help.

Through the use of tried and tested auditing techniques, we can assess your requirements to ensure the correct application of any necessary services, tools or techniques are aligned to your organisation’s strategic business objectives.

PCMS offer a range of condition monitoring services

Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis is a key component of a condition monitoring program and is most commonly used to detect faults in rotating machinery (e.g fans, motors, pumps, gearboxes) such as unbalance, misalignment, rolling element bearing faults and resonance conditions.

Oil Analysis

Oil analysis is a proven technique for accurately predicting component wear and lubrication life in your machinery. Its strength lies in its ability to identify faults and potential failures at an early stage. We offer a complete managed oil analysis with access to our secure web-based maintenance tool, OMEGA.

PCMS Engineering offer a dedicated oil analysis service
Condition Assessment

Laser Alignment

We provide laser alignment services on assets in both new and old installations to ensure the most accurate shaft alignment.The use of Laser alignment equipment is essential to ensure asset longevity and reliability is achieved with significantly higher accuracy than traditional alignment methods such as straight edge measurements.

Remote Data Analysis

Remote data analysis delivers the benefits of Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) directly to your facility or fleet regardless of size or location. You will have full access to PCMS' expertise, capabilities and advance diagnostic tool, OMEGA.

Remote Data Analysis


Thermography gives an excellent indication of any impending faults using a quantifiable indication of temperature. This unique technology can quickly identify faults by displaying an image or thermogram, which demonstrates key information such as spot temperature, area temperature and thermal profile.

Ultrasonic Inspections

Compressed air often uses more energy than most other equipment in a plant. Leaking air lines, couplings, air tools, hoses and other defective compressed air components can be major sources of energy loss. Our compressed gas leakage survey is designed to identify and quantify costly leaks on compressed air and gas systems.

Condition Assessment

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