How effective is your lubrication programme?

October 31 2017 0Comment

How effective is your lubrication programme?

If equipment uptime is a key objective to your current maintenance strategy, then an effective lubrication programme is critical in helping you achieve this.

A poor lubrication programme can have a major impact on the reliability of your machinery, ultimately leading to machine failure due to poor lubrication practices such as:

  • Using the wrong type of lubricant
  • Using too little/too much lubricant
  • Lubricant contamination

Optimising equipment reliability, maximising a return on investment and reducing overall maintenance costs are all possible with a well-structed lubrication programme.

The first step on the path to lubrication excellence is to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current programme by measuring key areas against industry best practices, helping you pinpoint resources to areas that need it the most.

That’s where our online lubrication assessment is the perfect starting point in assessing your current procedures in the following areas:

  • Lubrication Management
  • Lubrication Maintenance
  • Lubrication Scheduling
  • Lubrication Training
  • Lubrication Usage

Find out how your current lubrication programme stacks up by completing our lubrication assessment:

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