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Wireless Monitoring Solution Prevents Catastrophic Failure

Canary Wharf


A facilities management company based in Canary Wharf, London, was seeking an asset monitoring solution to improve the reliability of their cooling towers mounted on the roof of their office block.

This large office building has a floor area of more than 100,000m2 and the cooling towers are essential as they provide ventilation and air conditioning for the 6,000 people that work inside the building.

The site’s maintenance staff wanted to permanently monitor their key assets and receive email alerts if a threshold was exceeded, making the Ronds wireless system an ideal solution.

The Challenge
The cooling towers cannot always be safely accessed by the site’s maintenance staff. Each of the towers
contains motor-driven fans and pumps which have panels and guards in place to prevent access while the
units are running, meaning conventional vibration monitoring was not suitable.

The Solution
A wireless monitoring solution was installed by our reliability engineers to collect real-time vibration and
temperature data. The data was transmitted via 4G to our secure cloud server, where it can be viewed and
analysed in the software’s online dashboard or mobile app.

Canary Wharf Case-study

Figure 1 – Vibration readings before and after corrective action

The Results
The vibration level exceeded the customised threshold, and an email alert was sent to the site’s maintenance team.

The data was quickly reviewed at our Remote Data Centre by our expert analysis team who recommended immediate corrective action.

Upon inspection, it was identified that the fan bearing was not correctly secured, and the maintenance team swiftly resolved this.

A significant resultant reduction in vibration was recorded (see Figure 1).

If the looseness had been allowed to progress, it is likely that the fan element would have impacted the housing which could have resulted in catastrophic damage.

It is estimated that the replacement of the fan and repairs to the mounting structure would have cost £10,000.

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