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Integrated Work Management Underpins £15M Productivity Improvements

Sellafield Limited, located in Cumbria, is the largest and most complex site within the nuclear industry. The site comprises of 23 separate facilities and is operated by over 11,500 direct and sub-contracting staff conducting nuclear waste retrieval, encapsulation vitrification and decommissioning activity, amongst spent fuel reprocessing and major new build project activity.

Sellafield appointed PCMS Engineering via an open tender direct framework agreement to work alongside its central improvement teams to implement the INPO AP 928 Standard Nuclear Performance Model, which is used to identify, plan, schedule, execute and close work in a manner that helps ensure high levels of safe and reliable plant operation.

The Challenge

The Sellafield Nuclear Performance Model (SNPM) is the agreed Sellafield Ltd operating model. The SNPM is a proven method of driving improved plant performance and making efficient use of facility resource.

Integrated Work Management is a critical component of the SNPM. Sufficient Sellafield resource neither existed nor had been made available with the relevant knowledge and experience to effectively support the implementation of the accelerated IWM program arrangements.

Without the necessary external resources and expertise to support the initiative the implementation milestones, it would be significantly delayed beyond the agreed NDA implementation programme. The project would need a new vision with engaged leadership and a step change in behaviors to successfully underpin the safe and timely delivery of all operational, asset care, maintenance and project tasks.

The approach used on the implementation phase of (IWM) activities across the Sellafield site was seen as vital to enable effective change to the existing embedded working practices and procedures, in order to drive productivity and efficiency saving via:

  • Correct Work Identification and Selection
  • Robust Task Planning and Preparation
  • Integrated Delivery Schedules
  • Co-ordinated and Prioritised Delivery of work

The Solution

Due to the scale and diversity of this initiative, the designed approach was to develop a central (IWM) coaching team consisting of Sellafield and PCMS engineers. This team would provide governance and on-site mentoring, training and facilitation of the revised Integrated Work Management procedures.

In order for Sellafield as a business to realise the benefit of IWM, it had to understand, consolidate and roll-out consistent integrated work management activities; including:

  • Development of interactive IWM training methodology and all underpinning training material.
  • Development and co-ordination of site-wide IWM implementation schedule.
  • Facilitation of Accelerated Implementation Events across all directorates to embed the implementation of revised work management arrangements.
  • Provided ad-hoc IWM technical database support to all Sellafield facilities.
  • Development of the site assurance visits and KPI’s across all Sellafield Directorates to review maturity and alignment against IWM standard.
  • Supported the facilitation and data manipulation of over 40 Pattern Planning workshops.

The Results

Sellafield operational benefits of introducing IWM:

  • Increased plant availability and reduction in overall outage time.
  • Effective deployment of resources.
  • Enhanced and clear prioritisation process.
  • Reduction defect backlog leading to an increase in defect rectification.
  • Increase in planned maintenance and work delivery.
  • Reduced corrective maintenance backlog.
  • Reduced Supply Chain costs.

Estimated financial cost saving targets underpinned by productivity improvements and efficiency savings:

  • £15 million
  • SCC labour costs reduced by £0.8M

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