Europafilter extends life of pet cremation incinerator

Old Flatts Farm Pet Crematorium, a family-run business based in South Yorkshire, was experiencing issues with their incinerator, a critical piece of equipment that is fundamental to business operations.

The Challenge

The crematorium’s incinerator was sporadically shutting off. Root cause investigation was carried out by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), who changed the inline filters, tiger loop and fuel injectors but the sporadic shutdowns still occurred. PCMS Engineering’s Laboratory Manager, Jade Thompson, visited the crematorium and inspected the incinerator and fuel tank, confirming that the fuel tank feeding the incinerator was approaching end of life.

A fuel sample was taken from the top, middle and bottom of the fuel tank and sent back to PCMS Engineering’s laboratory for testing and analysis. On visual inspection of the initial samples, brown and black non-ferrous debris was found, more so on the samples taken from the bottom of the tank. The analysis confirmed high ISO codes and water contamination. The client was eager to explore alternative options to extend the service life of their fuel tank, as this was during an extremely busy production period for the business.

The Solution

PCMS Engineering proposed Europafilter’s offline cleaning system, due to the product’s capability to filter out particles in oil and water while the system remains in operation. One of the strengths of the Europafilter is that it can filter out debris as large as 5cm in diameter. Once the contamination analysis started to improve, the tank was blown with air to disturb the heavy debris settled in the bottom of the tank.

The Results

Regular sampling and analysis was carried out over a set period of time to measure the effectiveness of the oil filtration system. The ISO codes significantly improved, removing contamination particles in the tank and eradicating incinerator issues caused by debris in fuel. A replacement fuel tank would have cost £10,000 and resulted in 48 hours of downtime and a significant amount of fuel waste.  The client can now plan and schedule a system overhaul to fit in with business operations.

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Pet Crematorium
United Kingdom
£10,000 cost avoidance
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"The Europa Filter more than paid for itself in its first week of operation by preventing sporadic incinerator shutdowns caused by debris in fuel.” - Chris Beckett, Managing Director