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Rail Condition Based Monitoring On The Right Track

Due to maintenance capacity and spares availability issues, many of the UK’s major train operators’ vehicles were likely to be stopped due to a pending overhaul of axle bearings. In order to prevent this and to allow operating targets to be met, a solution to provide engineering evidence to the company’s Professional Head of Engineering was put forward. The results proved that the vehicles were safe to continue in service for up to 2 years and in some cases beyond.

The Challenge

To provide justification that condition monitoring was the correct solution for axle bearings, providing regular reports to be appended to deferral documents as evidence that the fleet is safe to continue.

The Solution

PCMS applied Stress Wave technology in order to achieve meaningful results, by selecting the correct combination of sensors and applying autocorrelation of results.

We were able to break down the barriers traditionally holding conventional condition monitoring techniques from providing critical predictive monitoring analysis. Axle bearing diagnostics using a Vibration/Stress Wave data collectors are a fast, efficient and capable means of diagnosing bearing faults.

The Results

Units with critical stops dates remain in service as a result of the current CBM programme. A wealth of component performance data is being generated to help engineering and operations when planning for future maintenance and overhaul activities. The ultimate result was a reduction in maintenance costs and unpredictable failures.

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