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CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor

The CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor is designed for process automation and protection system upgrade projects. Housed in a single chassis, the CSI 6500 combines proven prediction and protection to provide a complete online machinery monitoring solution. Emerson is the global leader of integrated technologies for process automation and plant-wide predictive technologies for managing both fixed and rotating assets.

Product description

Flexible For RetrofitsYour project may be a major revamp, including a control system and vibration monitoring system update, or you may be making improvements in phases. If phase 1 is only a protection system upgrade, the CSI 6500 is uniquely designed to offer protection-only for obsolete system replacement. The CSI 6500 can even be deployed in a prediction-only configuration to overlay on an existing protection system.

Want to use your existing instrumentation? The CSI 6500 works with any negative 24 VDC powered displacement sensors and drivers. In Phase 2 of your project, the prediction-only configuration or protection-only configuration can be upgraded at any time to a combined configuration by simply adding a few monitoring modules. The CSI 6500 offers the most flexible and powerful solution available for retrofit applications.

Five percent of the rotating machines in every plant have the ability to bring production to a grinding halt. Although your critical machines have vibration shutdown protection systems in place to prevent catastrophic failure, is your plant really protected?

What about the shocking repair costs, missed production goals, and unfulfilled customer commitments associated with a trip or a missed trip? As many as 50% of machinery malfunctions that lead to downtime are process induced, and 90% are predictable – even controllable.The CSI 6500 is fully compliant with API 670 and integrates protection, prediction, real-time performance monitoring and process automation. The CSI 6500 is part of Emerson’s PlantWeb digital architecture, which provides enterprise-wide information needed for real-time decision making.