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Fluke TiS20+

Get the right blend of infrared, battery life, and analysis
Whether you are up on the roof doing an HVAC inspection, deep in the plant inspecting a motor, or if you have locked out an electrical panel you rely on your tools to have the power and features to do your job done fast, without extra trips back to the truck or the shop. The Fluke TiS20+ thermal camera puts the power of thermal imaging at your fingertips. Designed to make your job quicker and easier this thermal imager is the right tool for:

  • Commercial electricians
  • HVAC/R technicians
  • Maintenance technicians

Product description

Get context with a combined visual light and infrared image

In thermography, context matters. Let Fluke IR-Fusion™ make your job easier by using a thermal image overlaid on a visual light image to give you the full picture of where the issue is before it becomes a problem. Simply slide your finger across the screen to adjust the level of infrared. Whether you are finding an uneven load on a switchgear or inspecting a ventilation system, the Fluke TiS20+ helps you detect issues quickly.

Longest battery life in a Fluke thermal camera ever

The TiS20+ can work two full shifts without a break, with a battery life of over 16 hours. No need to carry any extra batteries or have a charger with you on your route, or when inspecting systems. You know you can always count on this IR camera to deliver results.

You work hard all day, so should your tools

You cannot afford to have your thermal imager fail due to your environment. You can sleep easy at night knowing that your camera will hold up to whatever the day throws at you.

  • 2 meter drop tested
  • Water resistant (IP54)
  • Dust resistant (IP54)

Stop sorting, start analyzing with Fluke Connect Asset Tagging

Eliminate hours at the computer organizing your thermal images, let Asset Tagging do all that work for you No more dragging and dropping or renaming files in the office, just scan a QR code on your asset, capture your thermal images and they automatically are sorted by asset. Start spending your time analyzing your images and creating reports instead of sorting your files one at a time.

Get the most out of your TiS20+ with Fluke Connect™ desktop software. Create professional reports in minutes while efficiently capturing full radiometric data to support your maintenance program.

  • Edit and optimize images
  • Combine infrared and visible images for simpler analysis
  • Create detailed reports
  • Access thermal images from cloud storage
  • Organize and search images by asset, severity, and title

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