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Gill Oil Debris Sensor

The Gill Oil Debris Sensor offers continuous real-time monitoring of particle accumulation and contamination in hydraulic and lubrication oiling systems. The sensor offers a three channel output that is designed to provide an early warning of damaged bearings or gears that need maintenance to prevent unexpected downtime. Typical applications include monitoring gas turbine engines, helicopter gearboxes, automotive systems, unmanned vehicles, off highway vehicles, wind turbine gear boxes and industrial applications.

Solid particle contamination is a major cause of hydraulic and lubrication oil system breakdown, which can not only be costly to fix, but when compounded with unscheduled downtime, can cause even higher recovery costs.

In addition to this new product introduction, Gill will also have on display in San Jose their current line of inductive Blade position sensing products as well as the GSLevel capacitive level sensor product lines.

Product description

Solid particle contamination is a major cause of breakdowns in hydraulic and lubrication oil systems; therefore continuous real-time debris monitoring plays a vital role in condition-based maintenance.

The Gill Oil Debris Sensor has a strong internal magnet, which attracts ferrous particles to the exposed sensor face. Using solid-state induction technology, the sensor is able to determine the amount and type of electrically-conductive contaminant particle build-up in oil to a high degree of accuracy.The sensor has fine and coarse output channels. The fine channel displays the build-up of typical-use wear debris, a reliable indicator of oil cleanliness. The coarse channel is used for the detection of larger debris within the oil system, indicating possible bearing or gear damage (a typical alarm condition).
The sensor is extremely compact and can be integrated into the oil system strategically for maximum capture of wear debris. Unlike typical on-line particle counters and contamination sensors, the strong magnets used within the Gill Oil Debris Sensor prevent debris from continuing to travel through the system. This ensures that additional damage is prevented.The Oil Debris Sensor is particularly suited to aviation (gas turbine engines; helicopter gearboxes), automotive, renewable energy (wind turbine gearboxes) and industrial applications. Suitable for very high temperature operation, the sensor works independently of oil flow rate, temperature, viscosity, oil colour or air and water content.The technology is a cost-effective solution to fluid management and contamination control, suitable for permanent installation in almost all lubrication oil and hydraulic systems, helping to prolong fluid life and reduce system downtime.

  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • 4 measurement options
  • Multiple output signals
  • Captures and retains debris
  • Continuous real-time monitoring
  • Easy installation
  • Low cost of ownership

V Supply: 4.5V to 32V
Outputs: Fine (2.25-4.25V) / Coarse (0.5-4.25V)
Operation: -40°C to +150°C
Weight: 25g (Sensor)
Mounting: M14 x 1.0 Thread (or customer specified)