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Impact Hammer

The CSI Impact Hammer Kits have been industry proven to help determine resonance frequencies of machines, machine foundations and other structures. Impact testing with a modal/impact hammer determines the presence of resonant frequencies, structural cracks and dynamic stiffness.

Product description

The hammer is most useful when teamed with a Model 2120 Machinery Analyser and it’s crosschannel analysis downloadable programmes, which is easy enough for an inexperienced user to understand. When used together, the relationships between the hammer and the vibration sensor are calculated through convenient, preconfigured default setups to make the jobs simple.CSI’s Impact Hammer Kits are just another addition to the Reliability-Based Maintenance® family of products and services, designed to decrease your maintenance costs and improve your profitability.

With the many varied tips included in the kits, the hammers can be tailored to fit your specific application, from small objects like compressor blades to much larger objects like paper machines. The hammer’s mass, cushioning, and impact velocity shape the impulse waveform to determine the frequency range.
Hammer Behavior: Function Transfer vs. FrequencyStriking an object with an instrumented hammer excites it with a nearly constant force and a broad frequency range. The frequency range is determined by the hammer’s structure, which can be varied with different tips and extenders.