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A complete ultrasound solution to manage your acoustic lubrication and condition monitoring program. LUBExpert tells us when to grease… and when to stop.

Grease reduces friction in bearings. Less friction means longer life. LUBExpert alerts you when friction levels increase, guides you during re-lubrication, and prevents over and under lubrication.

Product description

LUBExpert maintains a database of all of your assets including bearing type and dimension.
LUBExpert removes the guesswork by automatically claculating the stabilization time between grease pumps.

Lube techs can choose between “FREE” and “GUIDE” modes to grease bearings right.
The workflow inherent in LUBExpert restores order and discipline to your lubrication program.
LUBExpert reminds you to bring the right grease type, gun, and qunaityt for the day’s lube tasks.
LUBExpert uses messaging to document each decision made by the lube-tech i.e.”safety risk”, “asset not in operation”.

With the Dynamic Option, you’ll reduce data collection time while increasing the efficiency and communication between the lube and condition monitoring teams.

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