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Oilview Quick-Check Analyser

The OilView® Quick-Check Analyser is easy to use. Test results are available in 1 minute and are easily interpreted. The knowledge you gain quickly translates to longer equipment life and condition based intervals between oil changes.

Product description

-Easy to use.
-Provides fast information on contamination, degradation, and equipment wear.
-Helps you make timely decisions about lubricant problems.

Because fast answers are often critical to your maintenance needs, the OilView® in-shop oil analysis system provides useful and fast results to help you solve lubricant related problems quickly.

With the OilView® Quick-Check, your staff develops valuable in-house experience and saves time and money.

OilView® helps you make informed decisions by providing data in three critical categories: oil degradation, oil contamination, and machine wear. Data management capabilities such as reporting and trending are available with included PC software. A PC is not required to perform tests.


• Oil Analyzer
• 1 Oil Sensor Grid
• Oil Sample Pump
• Carrying Case
• 1 year warranty on hardware
• One set of calibration fluids, 220 and 300
• Communication Cable
• PC software (not required for operation)

Sample Volume: 30ml minimum
Test Time: 1 minute (dilution required)
Viscosity: All oils
Lube Types: All mineral oils and synthetics
Cleaning: Wipe with absorbent tissues
Calibration: Performed onsite by user each day of use
Temperature: 32-120° F (0-50° C)
Operating: Temperature constant within +/- 5° F (3° C)

Physical Dimensions
Depth: 8.3 in. (212 cm)
Height: 2.6 in. (65 cm)
Width: 12.75 in. (325 cm)
Weight: 6.10 lbs (2.87 kg)
Power Supply 110 to 240 VAC Universal IEC Input 50 or 60 Hz.

• 2 x 16 character LCD
• 9-pin sub-D cable to IBM PC-compatible computers via RS-232C interface (cable provided with unit)

Dielectric: Compare with dielectric of clean oil to determine lube degradation
Ferrous Index: Ferrous particles > 5 microns
Large Ferrous Indication: Ferrous particles >> 60 microns
Large non-Ferrous Indication: Non-ferrous particles >> 60 microns
Droplet Indication: Free water droplets
Water: Water estimate