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RH1000 Online Data Collector

The RH1000 Online Monitoring system provides leading edge technology for the monitoring of high speed and low speed rotating assets to provide the earliest indication of machinery faults.

Product Features

  • Configurable Options
    8ch or 16ch options with 4ch of process inputs and 12 tachometer inputs per station make it perfect for variable
    speed applications.
  • Robust Communication
    Industry proven Ethernet connectivity where multiple control stations can be placed on the same network to one
    common server.
  • Intelligent Alarms
    Email alerts when alarms are breached, automated additional data acquisition upon alarm trigger.
  • Status at a Glance
    Indicator lights display ‘working’, ‘communication’ and ‘abnormal’ status.

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Product description

Vibration Connectivity and Processing
Sensor Connection Options 8ch or 16ch hard wired, ICP/IEPE Accelerometers
Signal Acquisition Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement
A/D Converter 24 bit delta-sigma
Frequency Range 0Hz – 40KHz
Dynamic Signal Range 110dB
Frequency Response 0.2dB @ 10Hz – 5kHz; 0.5dB @ 3Hz – 20kHz
Precision/Accuracy +/- 1% (0.1dB)
Window Hanning or Rectangle Window
Continuous Acquisition Mode Data Rate 4M bytes per channel
Lines of Resolution (Selectable) 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800
Time Waveform Acquisition Points (Selectable) 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768
Averaging Type (Selectable) Linear or Peak-Hold
Averaging Options 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64
Sensor/Signal Error Warning Visible with software and global alarm setting
Speed Sensing (Tachometer Channel)
Compatible Type TTL, Eddy Current, Hall Effect
Trigger Level 4V DC – 30V DC (Pk-Pk)
Process Inputs
Channels 1ch
Signal Range +/- 0V DC to 12V DC or 4-20mA
Channels 1ch
Type SPST, Normally open or Normally closed
Communication and On-Board Storage
Storage 11GB on-board
Wired Ethernet TCP/IP, 10/100baseT
Communication Options and Standards RS232 port, RS485 port, CANbus, OPC
Electrical and Structural Parameters
Power Supply 100 – 240v AC 50-60Hz (<20w) or 24V DC direct (1.5A)
Mountings Hanging or fixed using holder
Dimensions 300 mm × 400 mm x 167mm
Weight 9.8kg
Environment Parameters
Working Temperature -40°C – +70°C
IP Grade IP65