RH711D Handheld Vibration Analyser

ROZH has developed a new generation integrated spot inspector RH711 to meet the increasing demand of network equipment condition monitoring and faults diagnosis, used for daily spot inspection.

The RH711 has integrated the function of temperature measurement, vibration measurement, Single-Plane Balancing,manual input, and equipment identification etc. It is especially suited to the customer of flow industry, compliance with the special rules of industrial field.

The RH711D comes with balancing function software installed!

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Product description

Product key features:

  • Route measurements downloaded from PC software
  • Real-time display of vibration waveform or spectrum
  • Waveform/spectrum analysis
  • Manual input function
  • Integrated 30:1 infrared temperature measurement
  • Balancing
  • Electronic navigation
  • Output to computer
  • Set equipment status
  • Explosion proof version is available and optional
  • CE marking available
  • RFID card compatible
  • Multi-communication available: Wi-Fi or USB

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