RH802 Dual-channel vibration analyser

The ROZH dual-channel vibration analyser RH802 is developed specifically for the industrial field environment. It has an extensive operational system; the function modules of route plan, off-route plan, dynamic balance, coast up/down and bump test are displayed in less than 10 interfaces. The software is operated on ARM directly. Without the operation system, it runs more stable and avoids a slow boot. Both starting up and shutdown can be finished in one second, which greatly saves user’s time on site.

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Product description

Product key features:

  • Synchronously two channel measurements for data collection, the maximum analysis frequency can reach to 40 KHz.
  • ARM processor, the 12800 lines FFT can be finished in one second.
  • Support for long waveform data collection of 40K dual channel analysis frequency, the maximum length can reach to 256M.
  • Provide high precision 24 bit AD converter.
  • Use 1GB high-capacity Flash.
  • IP65 design, water and dust proof.
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery supports eight hours of continuous data collection.
  • iButton used to identify the measuring points automatically.
  • Explosion proof version is available and optional
  • CE marking available

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  • 3.5 inches TFT large LCD screen, simple flow chart, compact and light weight, more convenient for operational use.
  • 1GB large storage capacity and can meet high-capacity data collection requirements.
  • Wide analysis frequency (0~40KHz), high spectrum resolution ratio and can meet the requirement for precise and complex equipment (high-speed gear) analysis.
  • Very flexible parameter configuration including high and low band pass filter, sampling length and sampling frequency etc. Can meet the requirement of data acquisition for various equipment.
  • Route or off route data acquisition are allowable, off route data acquired can be saved by sequence number or by measuring point number.

Comprehensive functions:

  • Acquiring vibration data like velocity, acceleration, displacement:
  • Acquiring RPM; Self-testing function of system acquistion
  • Acquiring single or dual channel waveform, spectrum, overall value and long waveform.
  • Acquiring XPM, cross-power spectrum, phase difference spectrum, and acquiring the phase difference between two measuring points directly.
  • Long time domain waveform, equivalent to digital tape recorder, can capture the machine’s transient process data.
  • Coast up/down testing analysis, to track the vibration varies in starting and stopping.
  • On site dynamic balancing, users can complete dynamic balance test comply with the tips.
  • Overall value, capture the entire changing process for equipment transient vibration, convenient to analyze the changing connecting between machine vibration and technical parameter on site, the interval time can be set as needed.

Main technical parameters



Analog input


Channel 1:vibration(ICP accelerometer),Voltage(±21V AC or DC)

Channel 2: vibration(ICP accelerometer),Voltage(±21V AC or DC), tacho channel


Accelerometer, Velocity, Displacement, voltage transducer

Signal range


A/D conversion

24 bit

Analog measurement


Once, twice integration

Maximal analysis frequency

40kHz(dual channel Maximal: 20kHz)

Sampling frequency

256Hz – 102.4kHz

Dynamic signal range



1%( 0.1dB)

Signal processing


Sampling frequency, low band pass filter, Sampling length,users can set any value as needed.


400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800

Time domain Sampling

1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768

Window function type

Hanning, Rectangle window


Linearity, peak hold




Long time domain waveform

Maximal waveform is 10M, maximal analysis frequency of Dual-channel is 10KHz, maximal analysis frequency of single channel is 20K.

Overall value

Minimum interval: 0.1 sec

XPM measurement

view XPM and phase difference spectrum simultaneously

Dynamic balance

On site 1 or 2 plane dynamic balance by Influence coefficient method

Coast up/down testing

Equal time intervals, Equal RPM intervals

Basic index


True color LCD, 320×240pixles,  contrast adjustable


22 keys


USB, 900KB/s

Storage capacity





USB 2.0


Rechargeable Li-ion battery, charging time around 4 hours; working Time (Continuous) >10 Hours;  two channel working time >8 Hours




95% RH without condensate

Protection grade



190 X110 X50mm



Download the RH802 Dual-channel vibration analyzer product sheet by clicking here.