RH605 Wireless Triaxial Sensor

The RH605 is an ATEX certified triaxial sensor that collects both vibration and temperature data. The sensor can be fitted onto any piece of rotating or vibration equipment and is capable of running continuously for over two years.

Product description

Any number of RH605 Wireless Triaxial Sensors can be applied to a piece of equipment depending on its importance.

Key features:

  • Triaxial measurement – providing simultaneous measurements in three orthogonal directions
  • Atex certified – The sensor is IP67 rated as well as Zone 0, 1 and 2 for plants requiring an EX rating
  • Long battery life – The sensor is powered by standard battery cameras, capable of running continuously for two years
  • Zibree transmission –  Zigbee communication standard keeps your data secure and reliable
  • Long-distance data transfer – Capable of transmitting data over a clear line of sight over a distance of 300 metres.
RH605 Wireless Vibration and Temperature Sensor
Vibration Measurement Parameters
Vibration RangePiezo:±50 g(Peak)
MEMS:±16 g(Peak)
Frequency ResponsePiezo:2-20000Hz(±3 dB)
MEMS:2-1000Hz(±3 dB)
Analysis FrequencyPiezo:500Hz,1000Hz,2000Hz,5000Hz,10000Hz,15000Hz
Long time waveformPiezo
Analysis frequency:5000HZ,10000HZ,15000HZ
Measuring definitionPiezo direction
MEMS didrection
Sampling valueSupport
Temperature Measuring Parameters
Measuring range-40~125 ºC
Accuracy±1 ºC (-40ºC~125ºC)
Electrical and Structural Parameters
Power supplyLithium-thionyl chloride battery
Transmission method2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4
Transmission distanceLine of sight 300m
Dimension46.5 mm × 93.6 mm(Diameter × height)
WeightAbout 300grams
Mounting thread M6
Mounting methodbolt mounting or metal gluing
Environment Paraameters
Ambient temperature-40~70 ºC 
IP gradeIP67
Explosion proof identificationExiaIICT4(for Zone 0, 1,2)