RH505 Wireless Sensor

The RH505 is an acceleration and temperature sensor that is installed on assets to measure machine vibration and temperature in real-time.

The data is processed to a dedicated server through a wired, Wi-Fi or mobile network (3G/4G) connection.

Receive alerts when alarm thresholds are triggered and remotely monitor data using Ronds’ web-based monitoring platform, MOS3000.

Product description

RONDS RH505 wireless sensor features:

Built-in antenna

The wireless antenna is inside the sensor, which greatly improves reliability.

Seamless Integration

Integrate vibration and temperature measurement simultaneously

CE/EX Certification available 

Ideal for use in hazardous environments

Long battery life

The battery-powered wireless sensor is capable of running continuously for two years

Easy installation

Install the sensors on your critical assets using drill and tap.

ZIGBEE communication standard

ZIGBEE communication standard keeps your data secure and reliable over long distances. Suitable for transmission distance of up to 300 metres.


Vibration Range

 ±50 g



Frequency Range (±3dB)


Temperature Measurement Parameter

Temperature Range

 -40 +125

Temperature Accuracy

 ±1  (-40 +125)

Electrical and Structure Parameter

Power Supply

 Lithium battery, 3.6V, 3.3Ah

Communication Method

 2.4GHz  IEEE 802.15.4


 Dia 46 mm x H 94 mm


 188 g

Environment Parameter

Working Temperature

 -40  +70

IP grade