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The S-680T & S-680PC utilize super-linear PSDs combined with highly advanced electronic design to produce the most accurate system in the world today.

Product description

Featuring our Dual-Beam™ PSD Detector Technology and our 5-Axis Wireless Target, the S-680BT & S-680BPC offer most of the advanced features of the S-680T but without the extra options for the more budget-minded, high-end user. With the highest accuracy on the market, industry-leading graphics, Duo-Plane™ live move screen, wireless communication and the powerful Couple6 Software, the S-680BT & S-680BPC offer the best value in the shaft alignment industry.
We designed our Couple6 software to run on large-display, rugged tablets for the ultimate in usability and convenience. It features our Duo-Plane™ Live Move Screen, which displays and updates the values for both V & H alignment planes (4 axis) simultaneously. Couple6 also features our Easy-Guide™ approach to software navigation: just open the software, choose a file and Couple6 will guide the user through the alignment and if needed, help text is just a click away. Advanced machine graphics continuously update showing the alignment of the motor as you move it.
The S-680’s industry-leading accuracy comes from our patented Dual-Beam™ Technology that allows the measurement of offset and angle simultaneously with one PSD (sensor), thus eliminating 50% of measurement errors when using 2 sensors (all other systems use 2 sensors). But we didn’t stop there. We went even further by using super-linear, 33-mm PSD’s and state-of-the-art electronics to produce measurement accuracy that is 7-13 times better than our competitor’s high-end systems.

Technology: Dual-Beam™

Software: Couple6 for tablets and laptops

System configuration: S-680 system with R-1342T Fully Rugged Win 7/8 Tablet or R-1342P Fully Rugged Win 7 Laptop and Couple6 Software with S-1396-BL Basic Features Features License. Optional features include: Bolt Bound™, Thermal Growth Modeling Screen, 7 Spacer Shaft Format, Repeatability/History Table, User Defined Tolerances, Vertical Machine, and many more.

Couple6 Software – Included Features

Auto-Clock™ • Auto-Sweep™ • Coupled and Uncoupled Shafts • Duo-Plane™ Live Move Screen • Recommended Tolerances • Report Software for PC • 7 Spacer Shaft Formats • Soft Foot • Thermal Growth at Coupling • Thermal Growth Calculator • 50,000 Saved Files • Vertical Machines

Optional Features: Arc Mode™ • Bolt Bound™ • Machine Train Software • Point Mode • Repeatability Table • Uncoupled Swipe Mode • User-Defined Tolerances • Vertical Live Move Screen

R-1342T Rugged Tablet (S-680BT)
Features Windows® 8, high-resolution, sunlight-readable 10″ touch-screen and an environmental rating of IP65. Runs Couple6 PC software and other HLI programs.

R-1342 Rugged Laptop/Tablet (S-680BPC)
Features Windows® 7/8, high-resolution, sunlight-readable 10″ touchscreen and an environmental rating of IP65. Runs Couple6 PC software and other HLI programs.