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SDT Sherlog

Water-damaged cargo remains one of the most pressing problems for the industry as a whole. Owners, P&I Clubs and insurers are faced with a several hundred million dollars of water damage claims a year, not counting missed deadlines and serious disruption to client operations.

Product description

Nothing beats ultrasonic testing for simplicity and pin-point accuracy. It is totally reliable, accurate and repeatable. There’s no need for water or for complicated operations.


  • Ultrasonic testing slashes the time needed to test the condition of hatch covers, RoRo doors, bulkheads or windows. It ensures that hatch covers offer true cargo worthiness and prevent water ingress
  • Hand-held operation can be carried out by one man
  • It reduces costly idle time in port
  • Easy, fast pre-load inspection

Ultrasonic is more than just another form of testing tightness. It offers a complete, global solution with unheard-of accuracy and reliability. Accuracy that has received Classification Society Type Approval. The only thing hose and chalk tests demonstrate is whether or not there is contact between the rubber packing and compression bar. Users get no idea of the actual compression.

Once at sea, it is often too late to see the shortcomings of this method.

Only ultrasonic testing can show you when you have the required or acceptable compression.

Successful candidates receive a Certificate of Qualification and are added to the growing list of Certified Surveyors.

The Industry recognition is not just for the SDT SHERLOG line itself. Why? Because only the Sherlog equipment come with the SDT-IMCS training programme. Trainee operators are given, as required by Class and the industry, comprehensive theoretical and on-board practical training in ultrasonics, rules and regulations, hatch cover designs and deficiencies as well as ultrasonic testing procedures.

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