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Reducing energy costs is a challenge faced by many in today’s difficult economy. SDT has developed the SDT200 to help you improve the overall health of your factory without breaking the bank.

Product description


  • Built in ultrasound sensor
  • Built in temperature sensor with a laser pointer for pinpoint accuracy
  • Wide range of available airborne and contact sensors
  • Digital measurement display (dBuv)
  • Intuitive navigation with icon based menu
  • 4 condition indicators allow more ways to interpret data
  • Predefined node tree with 4000 measurements points
  • DataDump Software transfers data to PC
  • Available in ATEX version
  • Device and software available in 6 languages (EN, FR, DU, GE, ES, IT)

An extremely versatile instrument, the SDT200 is an affordable ultrasound detector with broad applications:

  • Leak detection
  • Bearing monitoring
  • Steam traps, pump and valve inspection
  • Acoustic lubrication
  • Electrical inspection
  • Hydraulic systems inspection
  • Tightness testing
Listen beyond the noise of your plant. Pinpoint compressed air leaks through miles of twisting air lines with laser point accuracy. Quickly inspect hundreds of steam traps sorting good from bad.
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