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VibrA Ultra II – Vibration Analyser, Data Collector and Field Balancer

VibrA Ultra – Vibration Analyser is the high end vibration analyser and CBM tool from TPI Europe.

Actually it is the combination of three tools:

  • High specification vibration analyzer
  • Two plane field balancer
  • Machine and plant Inspection software

Product description

FeaturesVibration Analyser

  • Automatically detects out of balance, misalignment, looseness and bearing defects
  • Predictive analysis capabilities that accurately calculate time frame to failure
  • Condition based monitoring analyses bearing wear and gear degradation
  • Built-in single plane balancing enables correction of the most common cause of vibration. (Dual plane balancing with additional accelerometer)
  • Additional features include Inspection, Lube and remote/server database
  • User selectable defined envelope filters and demodulation functionality
  • True simultaneous 3 channel capture
  • High resolution (0.2Hz) frequency spectra from 2Hz to 10kHz
  • Rugged fully waterproof construction meets IP68 and MIL-STD-810F requirements
  • Includes C-Trend powerful and easy to use asset management and fault diagnosis software


The VibrA Ultra II – Vibration Analyser includes features such as 0.2 Hz resolution frequency resolution with a 51,000 line FFT, envelope demodulation and a bearing fault frequency database.The two plane field balancer is both powerful and simple to use with features such as expert trial wait location and live balance vectors making field balancing quicker and more accurate.Machine and plant inspections facilitate the user carrying out proactive maintenance as part of a CBM program.

All the above features combine with TPI Europes C-Trend software which allows the user to trend all data.  The ease of use and powerful features such as waterfall plots, auto emailing of alarms, bearing fault cursors and network connectivity make this the ideal solution for CBM programmes.


  • 100% user definable inspections
  • Alarm on numeric data
  • Inspection routes
  • Auto email on failure

  • Full asset tree with multi level hierarchy
  • Combine vibration and inspections on any asset
  • Detailed user specified reporting
  • Comprehensive analysis functions such as cursors, waterfall plots etc
  • Networkable databases


  • Very easy to use and set up (uses Wizards)
  • Operates with wide range of industry standard sensors (accelerometers)
  • High resolution (up to 0.2 Hz) for automatic bearing fault detection
  • Auto detection and trending of balance, misalignment, looseness etc
  • Easy to interpret colour graphic displays with predictive trendlines
  • Automatic reporting in MS Word
  • No software license fees and free updates