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VSE 100 Data Capture System

Diagnostic electronics with fast reaction time, detects machine crash less than 1 ms.

Product description

  • Variable switching levels for process monitoring.
  • Progammable switching times and alarm reactions.
  • Detects unbalance and damage to rolling element bearings.
  • Protects machines from permanent overload.
  • Records all relevant data with real-time stamp.
Machine MonitoringThe diagnostic electronics type VSE offers a range of functions for early detection of damage and machine protection. Examples are detection of unbalance, monitoring of overall vibration and bearing condition as well as trend analysis with integrated history function and condition counters.

This increases machine availability, secures quality and makes maintenance plannable.

Machine ProtectionAn important aspect of machine monitoring is permanent machine protection. This avoids costly subsequential damages and reduces maintenance costs. Additional process monitoring avoids waste and increases efficiency. An additional software is available for the simple integration into Linux and Windows based PLCs.