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Emerson Wireless

At PCMS Engineering, we have expanded our wireless solutions offering to include Emerson’s portfolio of wireless products.

Emerson™ are experts in industrial wireless technology. Through their products you will be able to gain access to all your facility data with industrial wireless infrastructure for process instrumentation and wireless networks. Their wireless solutions provide your facility with reliable, continuous data that improves safety, efficiency and the environment through monitoring of process measurement and now you’ll be able to monitor points that previously were too costly or unsafe to access. For more information contact us on +44 01709 876712 or email info@pcmseng.co.uk

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How Does It Work?

  • Network Overview

    The digital architecture for field and plant networks is an open wireless solution for process automation, workforce productivity and plant management.

    Field networks are self-organizing mesh networks based on IEC 62591 (WirelessHART®) and designed for measurement, sensing, process control and diagnostics in harsh environments.

    Plant networks are engineered using open standards to provide a cohesive communications platform across plant operations for video, voice and people/asset tracking.

  • Wireless Standards

    Open standards include, IEC 62591 (WirelessHART®) and 802.15.4 radio technologies for wireless field networks, IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi for wireless plant networks, and WPA2 and NIST Standard FIPS-197 encryption for security.

    The HART® Communication Foundation developed the standards for WirelessHART, and the IEEE LAN/MAN Standards Committee established the IEEE 802.11 set of standards for (WLAN) communications.

    Emerson combines its industry-leading wireless network with Cisco’s network architecture.

  • Security

    Our wireless technology products and solutions are designed to keep your networks safe and your plant and business data protected and secure.

    At the field network level, robust, multi-tiered, always-on security is provided through advanced, standards-based encryption, authentication, verification, key management, and anti-jamming techniques.

    At the plant network level, security is fundamental to the Cisco Unified Wireless Network and the standards-based Cisco Self-Defending Network solution.

  • Power Management

    To maximize performance time, energy efficiency is key to the development of every Emerson wireless device and network component.  Our designers make power a priority, so you benefit from advanced SmartPower™ capabilities, including fast device wakeup times, low-power electronics and energy scavenging technologies.

    Emerson’s predictive maintenance software, AMS™ Suite: Intelligent Device Manager, can be configured to signal battery replacement needs for clear insight into device power status.

  • Reliability

    Wireless field networks use self-organizing mesh networks to achieve greater than 99% data reliability. Devices serve as network connectors while the gateway automatically finds the best communication paths. When obstructed, the gateway reroutes the signal.

    Self-configuring plant network, Cisco® Aironet 1500, allows access points without network connection. The managed mesh network of Cisco’s Wireless Control System is a centralized platform for WLAN planning, configuration and management.

  • Scalability

    Emerson’s solution is not a top-down or bottom-up model. Our gateways, devices, access points and software use wireless communication standards, rigorously tested to work seamlessly with existing process technology, so you can begin with your top priority.

    That means you can build a sensor network at the field level or set up plant-level wireless access points. This scalable feature allows you to start small and grow coverage or applications without investing in more infrastructure.

Emerson Wireless System
Emerson Wireless System


Rosemount 3051sfp Wireless Integral Orifice Flow Meter Left Orifice Plate

Flow Measurement

Flow meter technologies work across multiple applications to measure fluid, gasses or steam in your plant environment.

Rosemount 3308 Wireless GWR Transmitter

Level Measurement

Level measurement technologies help solve level & interface challenges for your application needs.

Rosemount Wireless Pressure Gauge

Pressure Measurement

Pressure measurement products provide the broadest offering available to meet virtually every application need.

Rosemount 848t Wireless Temperature Transmitter

Temperature Measurement

Temperature measurement products provide innovative solutions for your most challenging applications.

Featured Products

Starter Packages

If you aren’t sure what products you need, Emerson offer starter packs that are ideal if you are considering moving from traditional monitoring to wireless or you aren’t entirely sure what you need. Please contact us to find out more about these services on info@pcmseng.co.uk or call us on 01709 876712 or view the pack information below.

Wireless Infrastructure Monitoring

Manage Wireless Infrastructure More Effectively with Network and Power Module Monitoring

Steam Trap Monitoring

Save 10-20% in Annual Energy Costs with Enhanced, Continuous Steam Trap Monitoring

Pressure Relief Device Monitoring

Automate Relief Valve Release Logs and Quantify Product Losses with PRD Monitoring

Heat Exchanger Monitoring

Increase Efficiency and Turnaround Schedules with Better Understanding of Heat Exchangers

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