Fluke SmartView® IR Analysis Reporting Software and Mobile App

Fluke SmartView® IR Analysis Reporting Software and Mobile App are a modular suite of tools that allows you to view, optimize and analyse infrared or IR images. You can generate fully customisable and professional-looking reports in a few simple steps. SmartView® software is intuitive and easy to use which makes it ideal for customers with basic needs, yet it delivers the performance specialized thermographers require for advanced reporting and analysis.


Optimise Images

  • Adjust the image to communicate problems in the most effective way to your colleagues or customers
  • Fine tune your images with comprehensive image optimization tools to clearly communicate problems or provide proof that issues have been resolved
  • Leverage IR-Fusion® technology viewing options for more impactful images and effective reports. AutoBlend™ mode - Blend partially transparent infrared and visible images into a single view for easy problem identification. Picture-in-picture mode - Provides a visible frame around the IR image to easily orient and reference areas of interest
  • Colour alarms - Isolate problematic areas to clearly identify and communicate problem areas
Image Analysis
  • Insert markers to quantify severity of problems and leverage multi-tool connectivity with additional measurements using CNX™ wireless modules. These CNX wireless modules help you troubleshoot and solve problems faster. Leverage graphical analysis tools to further characterize the severity of the problem
  • Determine severity and prioritize problems discovered during inspections by using markers and CNX measurements to quantify differences in operational characteristics
  • Solve problems faster and create more thorough reports with the addition of CNX measurements to your thermal images
  • Use 3D-IR™ to view images from different perspectives, identify additional problems, and eliminate false positives…the ultimate thermal imaging analysis tool
Communicate Results
  • Share inspection results by emailing images or reports
  • Plan next steps or gain approval for work done
  • If needed, get assistance analysing the problem
  • Provide complete details of your inspection
  • Finish the job by delivering a report to your customer or manager with the push of a single button requiring little to no customization
  • Simplified report generation
  • Generate professional, customized reports fast
  • One-click report generation for quick results
  • Choice of features including before/after, IR plus digital images, annotations, supporting data and graphics
  • Report wizard guides users through report generation – it couldn't be easier
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