The PCMS Eng Group is excited to be an new official distributor for Optris. Optris are specialist manufacturers of non-contact temperature measurement for industry and R&D.

Optris has been developing and manufacturing innovative infrared measurement devices for non-contact temperature measurement, including stationary IR thermometers, and infrared cameras for point and area measurement, for more than 17 years.

Optris have a comprehensive product portfolio, which all products are available through the PCMS Eng Group. Their extensive catalogue comprises of infrared measurement devices for different industrial applications as well as research & development. Along with their free thermal analysis software, their measurement devices enable constant monitoring and control of virtually every manufacturing process, and reductions in production costs through specific process optimisation.

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Product Range

Optris PI Series – Precision Line

Infrared cameras with high resolution for fast online applications and exchangeable lenses, including line scan function.

Optris Xi Series – Compact Line

Compact spot finder Infrared Cameras for use in harsh industrial environments, autonomous operation possible.

Optris CSvideo/ CTvideo Series

Infrared video thermometers with vario focus and patented cross hair laser.

Optris Ratio Pyrometer

Ratio pyrometer with separate electronic box for high temp. measurement of metal with green laser, including programming keys and display.

Optris Infrared Thermometers – CSlaser/ CTlaser

Infrared thermometers with the highest optical resolution and double laser.

Optris Infrared Thermometers – CS/ CSmicro/ CT Series

Infrared thermometers with the highest optical resolution and double laser.


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