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Our Projects

Canary Wharf

Wireless Monitoring Solution Prevents Catastrophic Failure

Major cost avoidance achieved for London-based facilities management company

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Reliability Improvement Programme

Reliability Improvement Programme Results in £11m cost avoidance

Discover how we helped a marine client turn around an underperforming CBM programme

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Marine Vibration Analysis

Marine Vibration Analysis Prevents £50,000 Pump Failure

By avoiding unplanned downtime on a critical auxiliary generator

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oil filtration

Europafilter extends the life of pet cremation incinerator

Installation of a filtration system extended service life of critical incinerator

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wireless vibration monitoring

Ronds Wireless System Prevents Catastrophic Failure Worth £120,000

Wireless monitoring system prevents catastrophic failure at a UK precast concrete manufacturer

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Oil Analysis Case Study

Elemental Analysis Identifies Incorrect Oil Type on a Fleet of Trains for Global Operator

The train operator was able to pinpoint an increase in phosphorus levels.

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Major fan failure prevented on a newly built production line

Resulting in £50,000 cost saving and reducing production downtime from 12 weeks to 36 Hours

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Rail oil analysis

Rail Oil Analysis Prevents Costly Downtime for Major Train Operator in West Midlands

Oil analysis was used to investigate root-cause of constant turbo repairs.

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CBM Programme Results In £295,000 Cost Avoidance

Gulfmark makes significant cost avoidances by implementing CBM throughout their fleet.

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vibration monitoring

Vibration Monitoring Improves Bearing Maintenance Schedule at Network Rail

Vibration analysis determines defect within axle bearing.

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Rail Condition Monitoring

Rail Condition Monitoring Extends Service Life of Electronic Multiple Unites

CM utilised to make appropriate recommendations for ensuring future reliability.

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Rail Thermal Imaging

CM Survey Prevents Bearing Failure on London Underground Escalator

Analysis of the vibration and stresswave data results in £8,000 cost avoidance

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Electric Tram Pantograph Detects Fault Cable Connection

Video footage identifies root-cause of fault

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Nuclear Industry

Equipment Reliability Model Returns 8% Maintenance Cost Reduction

Improving performance and condition of assets at UK Nuclear site.

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Stress wave monitoring saves money

£4M cost avoidance through the fleetwide application of Stress Wave Monitoring

SW used to detect and predict bearing condition deterioration

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Integrated Work Management

Integrated Work Management Underpins £15M Productivity Improvements

IWM results in productivity improvements and efficiency savings at nuclear plant

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Mixer Reduction Gearbox

Stress Wave Identifies Defected Bearing in Gearbox

SW used to determine health of gearbox internal component

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Stress wave analysis

Stress wave analysis increases the service life of equipment

SW identifies a bearing problem on motion shaft support bearing

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shipping condition based monitoring

off-shore vessel investigation identifies damaged gear

VA used to investigate suspected fault on gearbox

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Rail Condition Based Monitoring

Rail Condition Based Monitoring On The Right Track

PCMS work with major train operator to reduce maintenance costs

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Mining Shearing Arm

Vibration Analysis saves UK Coal £400k

VA used to pinpoint fault with ranging arm at UK mine

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