Vibration Analysis BINDT Category 2

This course is aimed at those who have been trained to Vibration Analysis Category I, or recognised equivalent, including those with appropriate vibration analysis experience. It is aimed at those who want to be confident and capable of diagnosing a wide range of fault conditions, correct certain conditions and take accurate measurements.

The course is recommended for plant personnel requiring a basic understanding of the analytical methodologies used to determine machinery conditions for improvement of predictive maintenance programmes results. It is ideal for maintenance engineers, condition monitoring engineers, technicians, reliability managers, quality engineers, design engineers etc.

This course is accredited by BINDT PCN to CM GEN Appendix D and is aligned with the ISO 18436-2 certification programme Vibration Analysis Category II syllabus.

Course assessment

The candidate will undergo a series of formative assessments throughout the duration of the course to ensure learning has taken place. Towards the end of the course there are two internal summative assessments in the form of a practical and written exam. Candidates will be expected to achieve a 70% overall score in order to pass the course.

The BINDT certification exam can be taken immediately after successful completion of the course, but the certification can only be awarded after the attendee has logged 18 months’ relevant vibration analysis experience.

Course objectives

  • Select the appropriate machinery vibration measurement technique.
  • Set up instruments for basic resolution of amplitude, frequency and time.
  • Perform basic vibration analysis of machinery and components such as shafts, bearings, gears, fans, pumps and motors using spectrum analysis.
  • Maintain a database of results and trends.
  • Perform single-channel impact tests.
  • Classify, interpret, and evaluate test results in accordance with applicable specifications and standards.
  • Recommend minor corrective actions, and understand basic single plane field balancing concepts.

Course content

  • Principles of Vibration
  • Data Acquisition
  • Signal Processing
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Fault Analysis
  • Corrective Action
  • Equipment Knowledge
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Equipment Testing and Diagnostics
  • Reference Standards
  • Reporting and Documentation
  • Fault Severity Determination

Course benefits

Candidates who complete the Vibration Analysis Category 2 course will have have evidence of training to VA2 in accordance with ISO 18436-2 and BINDT PCN CM Gen App D.

Candidates will gain skills in measuring vibration, have a good understanding about the basic range of VA techniques and single channel instrumentation, gain practical approaches to practical vibration analysis, and gain awareness of key International Standards covering vibration condition monitoring.

more information

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This course is based on the ISO 18436-2 certification programme vibration analyst category 1 syllabus and is designed to prepare staff for the BINDT PCN VA Cat 1 Certification Exam. The course is accredited by BINDT PCN to CM GEN App D.


This course is aimed at candidates who already have a good understanding of the fundamentals of vibration analysis and want to be confident and capable of performing industrial machinery vibration measurements and basic vibration analysis using single-channel measurement.