Condition Assessment

It is critical that organisations have a clear understanding of the current condition and performance of their assets, and most organisation simply don’t have the resource or tools to measure the condition and performance of their assets. That’s where PCMS Engineering can help.

Our comprehensive range of condition assessment services provides organisations with the information they need to predict future expenditure requirements and make long terms investments.


  • Identify assets that are underperforming
  • Plan and manage the delivery of the required level of service
  • Ascertain the reasons for performance deficiencies
  • Determine what corrective action is required and when (maintenance, rehabilitation, renewal)
  • Predict future expenditure requirements
  • Avoidance of premature asset failure, leaving open the option of cost effective renovation.

Energy Surveys

Energy loss surveys combine thermography & ultrasonic air-leak technologies to identify energy losses

Factory Exit Approval

Ensure the condition of your equipment is up to standard before it leaves the workshop

Ultrasonic Inspections

Our specialist energy survey engineers can undertake a leak detection survey to identify and quantify leaks in compressed gas systems.

Laser Alignment

We offer Laser Alignment services on assets in both new and old installations, ensuring the most accurate shaft alignment.

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