Laser Shaft Alignment

We provide laser alignment services on assets in both new and old installations to ensure the most accurate shaft alignment.

The use of Laser alignment equipment is essential to ensure asset longevity and reliability is achieved with significantly higher accuracy than traditional alignment methods such as DTI’s and straight edge measurements.



  • Maximum accuracy of alignment in line with shaft speed tolerance tables or customer specific tolerances as required
  • Where possible a vibration assessment before and after alignment will be carried out to assess the improvement in vibration and stresswave levels
  • Greater accuracy of alignment when compared with DTI (clock measurements) and straight edge/wedge gauge measurements
  • Full technical report provided upon completion
  • Utilises industry standard shim kits
  • Coupled or uncoupled alignments possible
  • Alignment possible with as little as 70 degrees of shaft rotation

Dynamic Balancing

Once an unbalance condition is confirmed utilising the latest in vibration data collection and analysis technology PCMS on-site balancing services provide the most accurate assessment of the lowest number of required weight moves to achieve the necessary balancing standard.

The latest ISO standards for general balance quality and specifically fan vibration are:

  • ISO1940-1:2003 – Mechanical Vibration – Balance quality requirements for rotors in a constant (rigid) state — Part 1: Specification and verification of balance tolerances
  • ISO14694:2003 – Industrial fans — Specifications for balance quality and vibration levels

By comparisons to International Standards PCMS offer a service to achieve the required balance quality to limit the force applied to bearings and components leading to improved reliability and removing restrictions on long term operation.

  • The latest analyser and balancing equipment utilised to ensure the number of machinery starts and stops is kept to a minimum
  • Single or Dual Plane balancing
  • Weight addition or subtraction techniques utilised (as agreed with the client)
  • Machinery health check included as part of the balancing exercise

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