Remote Data Analysis

We have helped companies around the world design and implement Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) programmes, driven by their business and operational objectives to increase asset reliability, reduce maintenance costs and improve productivity.

Remote Data Analysis

Our Services

Our Remote Analysis services deliver the benefits of Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) to your facility or fleet regardless of size or location.

You will always have full access to PCMS’s experience, capabilities and advanced diagnostic tools (OMEGA) at a fraction of fulltime procurement and operational costs.

When compared to other condition monitoring methods, Remote Analysis services can greatly reduce training, equipment, staffing, travel, and program management costs while delivering a highly effective condition-monitoring program.


  • Immediate automatic alarm notification of problems
  • Full-time phone support to a single point of contact
  • Emergency diagnostic and corrective active support
  • Web-accessible machinery health status
  • Full CBM capability with access to hardware, software, and maintenance program experts
  • Multi-technology integration via OMEGA (Web based reporting system)

Implementing Remote Data analysis

Our methodology incorporates three simple phases:

Phase 1
  • We work closely with your staff to design and implement the program

Phase 2
  • Your facility’s own maintenance staff periodically collects equipment condition data using CSI 2140 machinery health data collectors. This data is then transferred to our HQ for formal analysis and condition assessment by an experienced CBM Analyst.

Phase 3
  • Recommendations are then quickly communicated back to the facility via a secure web site (OMEGA) emails and in urgent situations phone.

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