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Infrared thermography is the ideal non-intrusive, predictive maintenance tool for identifying abnormal temperature distribution (which is invisible to the eye) on  a magnitude of applications to identify faults such as bearing failures, faulty electrical connections, overloaded circuits, etc.

In the industrial/commercial environment, almost everything gets hotter or cooler before it fails, making infrared cameras extremely valuable diagnostic tools with many diverse applications. As industry strives to improve manufacturing efficiencies, manage energy, improve product quality, and enhance worker safety, new applications for infrared cameras continually emerge.

Thermal imaging surveys can be carried out on electrical, mechanical, buildings, refractory and process applications to detect water/gas leaks, overheating,  faulty insulation, blocked pipes and much more.


Save Money

On preventable repairs and avoidable downtime

Save Energy

Identify opportunities to make energy savings

Detect Faults

Uncover hidden issues on equipment to avoid failures

Our Service

We use only qualified personnel to carry out Infrared Thermography Surveys. By using top of the range infrared thermal imaging equipment and software, we are able to identify faults in a variety of applications, the most popular being electrical, refractory, mechanical and buildings.

Electrical Survey

Electrical surveys can identify defects such as poor connections, over loaded cables and faulty electrical equipment.

Mechanical Survey

Mechanical thermal imaging surveys detect bearing failures, misalignment and worn, mismatched belts

Refractory Survey

A refractory survey can be applied to identify faults on kilns, boilers, furnaces and pipe work

Building Survey

A building survey can identify thermal heat loss, insulation issues, air leakage and flat roof leak detection.


Emergency Support

Capabilities to respond to short notice survey requests

Fully Independent

A completely independent reliability partner

Fast Response

We have access to a pool of engineers located around the UK

Qualified Engineers

Trained to all required PCN and ISO standards

Unrivaled Expertise

A workforce with decades of experience across multiple industries

Flexible Service

A one stop shop for reliability services, training and products

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We are an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) registered by BINDT and provide training in vibration and lubrication.

Want to discuss how a thermal imaging survey can uncover hidden issues for your business?

We can provide thermail imaging surveys and clear, consice reporting as part of a preventative maintenance programme as a one-off survey