• Reduce maintenance costs
  • Avoid equipment downtime
  • Detect equipment faults early
  • Increase plant up-time/profits
  • Improve maintenance scheduling

What can you monitor?

  • Imbalance Problems
  • Miss-alignment Problems
  • Bearing Problems
  • Electrical Defects
  • Mechanical looseness


We supply, manage and recommend  a wide range of advanced diagnostic tools, techniques and strategies to identify and resolve issues of equipment reliability and to assist with the optimisation of maintenance practices.

Our vibration analysis services include:

  • Vibration Monitoring Service- Routine data collection, analysis and reporting
  • Vibration Analysis Management- You collect the data and we will analyse it and report back our findings
  • Trouble Shooting- One off diagnosis and analysis of machine vibration problems.
  • Quality Assurance/Commissioning- A full vibration monitoring report prior to plant handover and acceptance.
  • Overhaul deferral – Extend Maintenance/overhaul intervals (overhaul alignment)
  • In House Setup – We can assist you in the best way to setup and maintain your own in house vibration monitoring programme.

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