Our analysts use Video Deflection Technology, a type of vibration analysis software called Dragon Vision, on ordinary video recordings to track microscopic movements of specific pixel points and convert the results into vibration signals. The software can detect thousands of vibration points in a single video.


Video Deflection Technology is a non-invasive VA technique.


Used in conjunction with our traditional VA monitoring service.


Ideal tool for various types of vibration analysis.

What kind of failures can be detected?

There are many failures that can be detected and confirmed with this technique. Mainly those related to low frequencies understanding the interaction of the amplitude and phase relationships. For example:

  • Imbalance and Misalignment
  • Structural/Mechanical Looseness
  • Bent Shaft
  • Eccentricity
  • Resonance
Video Defelection


Our reliability engineers capture video recording of assets while out in the field.


Our team of analysts process the video to identify microscopic movements of specific pixel points.


Animations, images and recommendations are uploaded to our cloud-based reporting platform.

When would we use Video Deflection Technology?

We use Video Deflection Technology in conjunction with our traditional vibration monitoring techniques as a value-added service.

Visualisation using video technology is a powerful tool to demonstrate evidence of issues directly impacting the life expectancy of key critical components within an asset’s make up.

The technology is an ideal accompaniment to standard vibration analysis techniques and can also bolster animations created using Operational Deflection Shape (ODS).

Operating Deflection Shape (ODS)

At the PCMS Eng Group we always attempt to remove the perceived ‘mystique’ of vibration analysis and Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) technology applications.  Whilst advanced techniques are utilised by our trained and accredited personnel, we look to ensure our reporting recommendations are clear, concise, accurate and above all realistic.

What faults can we detect?

  • Structural weaknesses and excessive directional compliance
  • Structural resonance
  • Critical speed resonance
  • Pipe strain issues
  • Severe misalignment
  • Bents shafts
  • Mechanical looseness
  • Severe unbalance
  • Transient vibration issues

Why do we use it?

Primarily used as a troubleshooting and confirmation tool, the power of the combined ODS and Video Deflection Services provides a visualised insight into the operational characteristics of an asset or structure. For example, where additional strengthening is required, it provides a visual indication of the exact location of the node and anti-node points to ensure structural integrity is maintained and structural adjustments have the desired effect on the structure.