Improper setup and operation can significantly reduce the expected asset life due to increased forces and strain on key components within an asset’s geometry. Laser alignment ensures the single most accurate engineering measurement across a drive train, ensuring the correct tolerance settings are in place for angular and offset misalignment conditions. Where belts or chains are utilised, belt and chain drive alignment across pulleys and sprockets is possible with laser pulley alignment systems.

Misalignment is a major risk and cost to production. It affects efficiency, safety and reliability of plant equipment. Extended machine reliability through laser alignment is a major factor in increasing profitability by producing quality products more efficiently, with less wastage, and at reduced maintenance costs.

Utilising the latest in vibration analysis technology, misalignment can be detected either with or without historical data.  Our competent engineers utilise the available technologies and expertise to assess the root cause of the high vibration levels before embarking on a laser alignment intervention.


Caused by improperly aligned machines, minimising unnecessary vibrations.


Correctly aligned machines can significantly reduce energy consumption.


Through correct alignment with OEM and industry standards you can be assured that your assets are operating in the best possible condition.

What are the benefits of laser alignment?

  • Maximum Accuracy – in line with shaft speed tolerance tables or customer specific tolerances as required
  • Vibration Assessment – where possible, before and after alignment will be carried out to assess the improvement in vibration and stresswave levels
  • Accurate Alignment – when compared with DTI (clock measurements) and straight edge/wedge gauge measurements
  • Comprehensive reporting – We provide alignment, soft foot checking and visual inspection and reporting
  • Sophisticated Technology – Providing faster, easier and more accurate results compared to traditional techniques
  • Quick Solution – We can quickly improve running condition using the latest technology.

Our Service

Our laser alignment service can be combined with other condition monitoring technologies, either as part of a contracted or pay as you go service. Our comprehensive survey includes shaft and coupling alignment, soft foot checking and visual inspection and reporting. We provide laser alignment services on assets in both new and old installations to ensure the most accurate shaft alignment.

With over 50 staff situated across the UK, we have the capabilities to provide emergency or ad-hock alignment laser alignment surveys. Our reliability engineers have years of experience in the field of laser alignment, spanning across multiple industries and technologies.

Put simply, in critical times of need our team have the capabilities to react to deliver key monitoring, corrective and engineering services to keep your key critical assets operational.