Radicon is committed to being the premier supplier of high quality, standard, modified standard and custom engineered gearboxes.

Through our partnership with Radicon, a premier supplier of gear units and services, we offer a comprehensive gearbox product range from traditional standard  worm gears, geared motors, couplings and industrial reducers, to custom engineered gearboxes with an output torque range over 6 million.

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Radicon is committed to being the premier supplier of high quality, standard, modified standard and custom engineered gearboxes.

With over 150 years of history and experience, Radicon have a proven track record in supplying products and repairs into high integrity industries that require products to perform under the most arduous of conditions.

The flexibility of their products, and the experience of their engineering design teams means they can design solutions to suit their customer’s exact requirements in a wide range of applications and industries.

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Custom Built Mill Drive Gearbox

Custom Built Mill Drive Gearbox

Radicon’s products are engineered to the highest standards and are reliable even in the harshest and most demanding conditions experienced in the cement industry.

All our mill drives can be supplied with centre distance, centre height and mounting position identical to the existing gearbox for easy replacement, whilst increasing power and reliability. A wide range of ratios are available and the gearboxes are able to transmit input power up to 375 Kw.


Material Handling Gearboxes

Radicon’s material handling gearboxes are durable, efficient and cost effective and can be supplied as standard, modified standard or fully customisable gearboxes. We can supply ladle crane main hoist gearboxes, travel & cross travel drive gearboxes and heavy duty conveyor gearboxes.

Radicon has many years of experience in manufacturing and supplying products for material handling applications. Our products are durable, efficient and cost effective and can be supplied as standard, modified standard or fully customisable gearboxes, making them ideally suited to the demanding nature of material handling.

Ladle Crane Main Hoist

Radicon’s gearboxes for the Ladle Crane Main Hoist can be supplied in planetary or helical gearboxes. The experience gained in this product range allows us to custom build the gearboxes to exact customer specifications.

Travel & Cross Travel Drive

Radicon can manufacture and supply Travel Drives for stacker reclaimers, port cranes and other various material handling applications. A vast array of experience in supplying travel drives ensures solutions can be tailored to the exact application requirements.

Heavy Duty Conveyor Drive

Radicon’s range of conveyor drive gearboxes can be customised up to 2,000 Kw and are engineered to be durable, efficient and cost effective. Our advanced engineering and application experience ensures we can supply solutions that fit into existing foundations for maximum flexibility.

Power Industry Gearboxes

The Radicon range of gearboxes for the power generation industry are designed and manufactured to the highest quality and precision which is of utmost paramount in the power generation industry. Our range covers cooling tower gearboxes, coal pulveriser gearboxes and air preheater drive gearboxes.

Radicon engineer high quality and high precision gears and gearboxes for use throughout the power generation industry. Our products are used extensively throughout the power generation industry.

Cooling Tower Gearboxes

Radicon can supply several sizes of gear boxes for cooling tower applications utilising bevel helical gearing with a horizontal input and vertically upward output shaft. Radicon’s cooling tower gearboxes cover a power range up to 500 Kw.

Coal Pulveriser Gearbox

Radicon can supply 8.5E 10 Mill coal pulverising gearboxes for coal grinding in the power industry. The gearboxes are engineered with Bevel Helical gears with horizontal input and vertically flanged output shaft with inbuilt thrust bearings, reaching power capacities up to 450 Kw.

Air Preheater Drive Gearboxes

Air preheater drive gearboxes are manufactured with multiple input shafts and one single vertical output with automatic inbuilt clutches which enable prime movers to be switched if a drive fails or maintenace is required. Supplied in a ratio range from 100:1 up to 150:1 and up to a power capacity of 25 Kw.

Rubber & Plastics Industry Gearboxes

Due to the high powers and fluctuating load requirements of the industry, it’s vital that gearboxes are durable and engineered to the highest quality. Radicon’s range covers Banbury mixer drive gearboxes and calendar drive gearboxes.

Radicon has an extensive range of high-performance gearboxes that are ideally suited for the Rubber & Plastics Industry.

High quality and durability are major factors when manufacturing gearboxes for the rubber and plastics industry due to the high powers and fluctuating load requirements of the industry. Radicon’s products are used extensively throughout the Rubber and Plastics industry.

Banbury Mixer Drive Gearbox

A custom range of mixer drive gearboxes which can be supplied with single or twin output shafts and manufactured to accept an input power up to 3,000Kw and ratios up to 25:1.

Calendar Drive Gearbox

A range of calendar drives used for rubber forming, custom engineered to match our customers exact specifications. Calendar drives can be manufactured with multiple output shafts.

Extruder Drive Gearbox

Heavy duty extruder drive gearboxes available in single and twin screw and can be customised to be vertically mounted with the input shaft at the bottom and output shaft at the top. Available for input power up to 250 kw at 1,500 and ratio’s up to 63:1.

Steel Industry Gearboxes

Flexibility and reliability are critical factors in the steel industry and our gearboxes can increase the mill’s power handling, whilst retaining the original dimensions. The Radicon range covers Coiler/Uncoiler & Pay-Off reel gearboxes, Rolling mill drives and Speed changing gearboxes.

Radicon excels where failure is not an option and this is precisely what we do when we have to provide high quality and reliable products into critical areas of the steel industry. Radicon’s products are used extensively throughout the steel industry, due to their flexibility and reliability making them an ideal drop in replacement.

Coiler/Uncoiler & Pay-Off Reel

Coiler/Uncoiler and Pay off reel gearboxes are designed and manufactured with a robust design and high load carrying capabilities for coiling, reeling and tensioning. All gearboxes are custom built for each individual application and client and can be engineered up to 4,000 Kw of power.

Rolling Mill Drive

Custom built heavy duty rolling mill drive gearboxes, manufactured to the highest standards to ensure the gearbox can withstand the high shocks associated with both hot and cold rolling.

Speed Change Gearbox

To ensure maximum efficiency on Steel rolling mills a range of custom made speed changing gearboxes have been developed. Two or four predefined output speeds can be obtained to give the rolling mill maximum flexibility and production.