We process over 50,000 samples each year
in our in-house oil laboratory.


Our turnaround time is 1-3
business days from receipt of sample


We operate to
ISO 9001:2015



Analyse the lifeblood of your Equipment

Oil analysis works by gathering a small sample of oil from an operating piece of machinery and performing a number of physical and chemical tests on the sample to determine the condition of the lubricant, the level of contaminants in the oil and the health of the machine.

As a result of tracking and comparing oil analysis samples over the life of a particular machine, trends can be established which can help extend equipment life and eliminate costly repairs. Virtually any industry that operates mechanical equipment can benefit from oil analysis.

Whether it’s oil from a critical or noncritical rotating asset, regular sampling can provide a wealth of information about the health of both the machine and the lubricant.

With a critical machine failure potentially costing thousands of pounds per hour in downtime, can you really afford not to monitor the lifeblood of your equipment?

Oil Lab Equipment

Testing Services

Our commercial laboratory is equipped to perform standard and advanced oil analysis testing on all types of oils. We can work closely with you to create a bespoke analysis test package that best suits your requirements.

Oil Analysis

Oil analysis is performed on a routine basis to provide accurate information on a machine’s condition.

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Flashpoint Testing

Identify the appropriate safety measures needed for transporting flammable liquid.

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Grease Analysis

Grease analysis is performed to determine the condition of grease-lubricated machines and bearings.

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Chiller Analysis

Chiller analysis provides valuable information on the condition of a chiller and how it’s performing.

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The cost per sample for our oil analysis kits depends on the volume, type of sample and carriage cost for delivery of the kits.

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Did you know?

We also provide certified training in lubrication analysis for those looking to gain a recognised qualification.

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How Our Service Works

Our Oil Analysis service ensures your machinery operates to their optimal levels.

Oil Process
Determine Test Suites
Bespoke Testing
We discuss your testing requirements and maintenance history
Test Kit Requirements
Tailored Kits
We design our kits specific to your requirements
Awareness Training
Accredited Training
We can provide standard or accredited lubrication training
Collect Oil Samples
You collect your samples and post them back to us for analysis
Testing and Analysis
Analyse Samples
Your oil samples are analysed and the results are uploaded to OMEGA
Results and Reporting
Alert Notification
You will receive an email to notify you that your results have been uploaded

Next Generation Reporting

OMEGA is our free web-based condition monitoring reporting platform.  It will change the way you manage your oil analysis programme by providing you with 24/7 access to your sampling data in order for you to make quicker time-critical decisions.


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Need Regular Testing?

We can support you to make oil analysis part of your lubrication strategy.

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