How our oil analysis service works

PCMS Engineering process oil or grease samples through a dedicated laboratory and then analyse the results, providing trending and exception reports to clients as well as recommending any specific actions that need to be undertaken.

When the laboratory has analysed all samples, an e-mail notification is made to the nominated client users to advise that the results have been uploaded to the website. Each sample which exceeds client-specified alarm or critical status is annotated with our engineer’s comments and recommendations.

These recommendations are based on knowledge of similar or known components, derived from years of experience in the oil analysis field. Furthermore, any serious defect conditions discovered during analysis will be immediately notified to the nominated client interface by telephone.

Oil analysis

Oil Samples Collected

Oil samples are collected from your running machines by our engineers or your maintenance staff.

Oil analysis

Oil Samples Posted

Using our free delivery service, your oil samples are sent for analysis to our in-house oil laboratory based in Rotherham.

Oil analysis

Oil Samples Analysed

Our experienced lab technicians analyse your samples and perform requested oil analysis tests.

Oil analysis

Oil Samples Tested

A lab analyst reviews your sampling data and details your oil samples’ cleanliness and provide recommendations.

Oil analysis

Sample Results Uploaded

Your oil analysis sample results are uploaded to our free online reporting platform, OMEGA.

Oil analysis

Expert Feedback

Our experienced analysts interpret the results of each individual sample, providing appropriate feedback & recommendations.