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Turbine Oil Analysis

Turbines play a vital part in most manufacturing operations, driving electric generators by converting the thermal energy of steam and gas into electrical energy.  Commonly used in power plants, waste incineration plants and natural gas power plants, turbines must run around the clock and any unexpected shutdowns can result in significant downtime costs.

With a lifespan of around 10 to 20 years, it pays dividends to invest in routine turbine oil analysis to avoid wastage, reduce downtime and improve overall turbine health.

Our turbine oil analysis service detects unwanted contamination, determines oxidation levels and highlights degradation issues. All our tests comply with ASTM or ISO standards and are performed by BINDT certified analysts with decades of experience.

And, as a leading provider of reliability and condition based maintenance services, we can work with you to resolve any necessary maintenance actions by providing a complete portfolio of services, products and training from a single point of contact.

turbine oil analysis


Schedule Maintenance

Schedule oil changes or top-ups in advance

Avoid Downtime

Avoid unexpected failures caused by poor oil condition

Analyse Lubricant

Evaluate the stability of the lubricant

Remove Contamination

Detect detrimental contamination to allow resolutions to be planned

Monitor Health

Monitor the overall health of the turbine as well as the lubricant

Monitor Varnish

Get a full diagnosis of varnish build-up

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Test Method

All our tests comply with ASTM or ISO standards and are performed by BINDT certified analysts with decades of experience. Our turbine oil analysis test package provides a comprehensive analysis of your turbine oil and overall turbine health. We process turbine oil using the following tests:

TestTest MethodBenefit
FWASTM D8184Gives a value to any ferrous material too large for the ICP (>10um)
ICP – OESASTM D5185Gives a ppm value for numerous wear metals, additives and contaminants
ViscosityASTM D7279Used to quality check the lubricant and identify any degradation or contamination.
TANASTM D974Measures the acidity of the lubricant, allowing the analyst to identify any oxidation.
Particle countISO 4407Gives a particle count at 4, 6 and 14 microns allowing the cleanliness of the lubricant to be established.
CKFASTM D6304The ppm level of water is analysed to detect any subtle changes in water level
FTIRASTM E2412Compare lubricant to reference to monitor oxidation, sulfation and nitration of the lubricant.
RPVOTASTM D2272Evaluates the oxidative stability of the lubricant
RulerASTM D691 + D6810Monitors the antioxidant levels of the lubricant
MPC VarnishASTM D7843Gives a potential for the lubricant to form varnish

Accredited Service

UK-based laboratory operating to ISO 9001:2015 standards

Fast Turnaround

1-3 business day turnaround from receipt of sample

Free Returns

Pre-paid sample return service included in oil analysis kit

Our Service

At PCMS Engineering, we provide a comprehensive turbine oil analysis service to ASTM Standards. Our experienced analysts process samples through our independent oil laboratory to detect unwanted oil contamination, diagnose potential varnish build-up, antioxidant depletion and make recommendations to restore the lubricant to peak condition.

Whether you require a one-off oil analysis test or a managed oil analysis programme that become part of your organisation’s condition based maintenance strategy, we can tailor our service to your exact requirements.

Our experienced staff work alongside your maintenance personnel to recommend the appropriate level of analysis and tailor analytical output from the laboratory to your exact requirements.

For more information about our turbine oil analysis testing service, contact us on +44(0)1709 876 712 or email info@pcmseng.co.uk

turbine analysis

We offer a completely independent oil analysis testing service

Our test suites include gearbox, hydraulic, engine, grease, fuel, coolant, chiller, compressor, transformer, turbine and much more.