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Remote Data Analysis

Our remote diagnostic services deliver the benefits of vibration analysis to your facility or fleet regardless of size or location. It enables you to make faster, more informed decisions about the health of your critical machinery.

Vibration data is collected by your vessel/plant staff using portable or fixed data collectors, the data is analysed at our dedicated monitoring centre, located at our Head Office in Rotherham, UK, and our analysts provide a detailed diagnostics report.

Vibration analysis can be applied to almost any rotating machines, such as motors, fans, gearboxes, pumps, mixers etc, making it an ideal solution for monitoring the health of assets in almost every industry. To discuss your requirements, contact us on 01709 876 712 or email info@pcmseng.co.uk

remote data analysis

Collect Data

vibration data is collected by your vessel/plant staff using portable or fixed data collectors.

Upload Data

Data is transmitted to our secure server for in-depth analysis by our experienced analysts

Get Results

Our analysts study the data and provide a detailed report outlining recommendations and diagnostics

Our Service

Vibration analysis is a key component of a condition monitoring programme and is most commonly used to detect faults, such as unbalance, misalignment, rolling element bearing faults and resonance conditions, in rotating machines (fans, motors, pumps and gearboxes etc). Vibration data can be collected using handheld data collectors, permanently fixed online monitoring systems for real-time monitoring or via wireless vibration and temperature sensors.

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