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All our training courses use a mix of theoretical and practical learning methods.


All our trainers have substantial field experience and are qualified in their subject


All of our courses can be delivered at our site or yours and made bespoke.

Vibration Analysis Courses

As an Approved Training Organisation (ATO), registered by the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT), our vibration analysis courses are based on a third party certification scheme which is aligned with ISO 18436 standards.

BINDT is an accredited certifying body in accordance with ISO/IEC 17024 offering personnel certification against criteria set out in international and European standards through the Personal Certification in Non Destructive Testing (PCN) Certification Scheme.

One of the many benefits of achieving PCN certification is that successful candidates will gain a recognised qualification, which enhances career prospects and provides a certificate of competence.

Public Courses

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Bespoke Training

If your company requires training for more than five candidates, we can deliver our lubrication analysis courses on-site based on your specific requirements.  For more information about our on-site training email info@pcmseng.co.uk

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  • Vibration Analysis


    This course is an introductory level into vibration analysis and will enable the candidate to establish competency in the fundamental key skills and understanding of monitoring plant and process equipment.

    The course is ideal for plant personnel such as reliability engineers, technicians, maintenance supervisors, rotating machinery engineers, predictive maintenance coordinators and any personnel that work in industries where rotating and reciprocating machinery is employed.

    This course is based on the ISO 18436-2 certification program vibration analyst category 1 syllabus and is designed to prepare staff for the BINDT PCN VA Cat 1 Certification Exam. The course is accredited by BINDT PCN to CM GEN App D.

    vibration analysis training


    This course is aimed at those who have been trained to Vibration Analysis Category I, or recognised equivalent, including those with appropriate vibration analysis experience. It is aimed at those who want to be confident and capable of diagnosing a wide range of fault conditions, correct certain conditions and take accurate measurements.

    The course is recommended for plant personnel requiring a basic understanding of the analytical methodologies used to determine machinery conditions for improvement of predictive maintenance programmes results. It is ideal for maintenance engineers, condition monitoring engineers, technicians, reliability managers, quality engineers, design engineers etc.

    This course is accredited by BINDT PCN to CM Gen App D. and is aligned with the ISO 18436-2 certification programme Vibration Analysis Category II syllabus.

    vibration Analysis Level 2

Quality Assured

Our training is delivered by highly qualified trainers who have substantial field experience.

High Pass Rate

In 2017, vibration analysis course delegates achieved a 100% pass rate in the BINDT PCN examination.

Relevant Training

96% of course candidates strongly agreed that the training was relevant to their job.

Practical Learning

All of our courses are designed with the emphasis on being practical, using real-life examples.

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