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ATEX rated vibration
(single or triaxial) sensor

Intelligent Alarms

Alarm when thresholds
are triggered


Connect up to 60 sensors
to one gateway

No wires. No limits.

Catastrophic machine breakdowns are costly, especially when they are unexpected and critical to your production line. Staying one step ahead of your machines by monitoring and analysing their performance means that costly failures can be easily avoided.

A Ronds wireless system can detect potential problems on rotating machinery long before they disrupt your business operations. Many of our clients have reported a payback on the system within weeks of installation, often by preventing just one unexpected breakdown on a critical asset.

So, with a typical Get Started package (4 triaxial sensors, 1 gateway, free analysis software) costing less than £5,000, can you afford not to get started with wireless?

wireless condition monitoring

System Features

ATEX Certified

ATEX rated vibration (single or triaxial) and temperature sensors

No Subscription Fees

There are no monthly subscription fees or hidden commitments

Fast & Easy Installation

Sensors can be mounted via magnet or threaded connection

Intelligent Alarm System

Receive text or email alerts when alarm thresholds are triggered

Multiple Relay Methods

Communicate via 3G/4G, ethernet or WiFi connection

Synchronous Collection

The single or triaxial sensors collect both vibration and temperature data

Low Frequencies

Our system has been calibrated to work down to low frequencies

Long Data Transmission

Maximum data transmission distance of 300 metres (direct line of sight/ no interference)

How it works

The battery-powered wireless sensors – capable of running continuously for over two years – monitor vibration and temperature levels on pumps, gearboxes, fans and many more applications. As the sensors are mounted via a drill & tap, glue or magnet connection, it is possible to move them between equipment and sites.

  1. ATEX rated vibration (single or triaxial) and temperature sensors collect data
  2. The data is sent to a Gateway, capable of communicating with up to 60 sensors over a maximum range of 300 metres
  3. The Gateway sends the data to a dedicated/remote server using a 4G, ethernet or WiFi connection
  4. You can view the data on a standard laptop, a tablet or via the dedicated app on a smartphone
  5. Text or email alerts can be sent based on easy to setup thresholds
Ronds Network Infrastructure 2021


A standard system includes 4 triaxial or single sensors and 1 gateway, capable of monitoring one critical asset. As the gateway can handle 60 sensors following initial installation, sensors can be added incrementally. Further details on each piece of equipment can be found on the hardware spec page below.

Our Services

As official UK distributors of Ronds wireless, we can provide a range of services to help get you started with wireless monitoring. For more information or to request a quotation contact us on +44(0)1709 876712 or email info@pcmseng.co.uk

  • Installation

    Our experienced reliability engineers can carry out the installation of the equipment (if required).

  • Sale

    As official UK distributors of Ronds products, we can purely act as the ‘middle man’ for product sales.

  • Training

    We can provide training to your staff on installation, maintenance and data analysis.

  • Support

    Our team of wireless experts can support with immediate or ongoing troubleshooting

  • Server Hosting

    We can host your data on our dedicated cloud server (4G connection)

  • Data Analysis

    We can monitor the data for you and analyse vibration spectrums and waveforms if required.

  • Reporting

    We can provide a remote diagnostic service, outlining fault origin, fault type, follow-up degradation path etc. when alarm thresholds are triggered.

  • CBM Services

    We also provide periodic data collection, online and a wide range of other site services (alignment, root-cause investigation, balancing etc.)


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Ronds Wireless System Prevents Catastrophic Failure Worth £120,000


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