Wireless Condition Monitoring Systems

For synchronised, time stamped information on your equipment’s condition with no interruption to your operational activities, let us introduce you to cost-effective wireless condition monitoring systems.

Our wireless condition monitoring systems consist of a range of sensors to monitor speed, temperature and vibration. A wireless system can provide operational information to web-based dashboard displays providing 24-7 access to asset data.

About Wireless

The basic components of a wireless monitoring system are battery powered sensors which collect information from operational assets. This information is then transferred wirelessly via a networked gateway to a control room display system or a cloud based storage system for access via the web. Wireless technology can improve plant availability, reduce downtime and increase productivity.


No cabling, little training and low power required. Installation of wireless systems is fast and seamless.


Staff avoid being exposed to hazardous and contaminated conditions in remote environments.


Maintain data reliability well above 99%. Alarm alerts sound for when data is not in transmission.


Ronds has a solid reputation for providing wireless monitoring solutions. Ronds’ cost-effective rh560 wireless monitoring system is specially designed for use in hazardous environments. The system measures machine vibration and temperature synchronously, to fully monitor a machine’s condition and provide real-time data. The system includes three parts: sensors, data processing and remote diagnosis.


Emerson’s Smart Wireless Solutions are the most reliable, secure and comprehensive wireless offerings available on the market today. Based on industry standards, the offering combines the broadest range of wireless field devices from Emerson, the world leader in process automation, with the most advanced wireless plant network equipment from Cisco, the world leader in networking.


wireless monitoring case study

Wireless Temperature Devices Improve Safety and Productivity

American Crystal Sugar monitored bearing temperature and motor current in Weibull Bins (sugar silos) and conveyor system to prevent ignition point; remote monitoring of settling ponds. This improved plant safety, visibility, and pond management. There was also a 2.5% reduction in operations time.

wireless vibration monitoring

Wireless Technology Used as Bridging Solution at Utility Plant

Smart Wireless bridging solution provides estimated cost savings of $30,000 over wired connection at Utility Plant. The wireless bridging solution was commissioned in October 2009 and has performed flawlessly since being installed.

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