All companies who conduct routine activities and unexpected work tasks by default have a “Work Management Process”. However these processes have usually evolved over time and become site/plant common practice.

The above statement seems straight forward enough, until you think closely about the cross section of departments and personnel required to work together to achieve such a goal.

In order to have an effective process for maintaining safe and reliable plant operation, work must be planned, scheduled, co-ordinated, controlled and supported with resources for safe, timely and effective completion.

Work Management History

  • PCMS have developed a Work Management process based on the Institute of Nuclear power Operators (INPO AP-928) standard, adopted as the benchmark by the World Association for Nuclear Operations (WANO).
  • In the highly regulated world of Nuclear Power generation and more latterly reprocessing and decommissioning, it is paramount that all work activity can be demonstrated to the regulating bodies has been conducted in a safe, controlled and measured manner.
  • This philosophy and practice is not only of value to the nuclear industry, the Work Management benefits are applicable and central to any progressive organisation who understand that the major losses and delays within their day to day operations will often be as a result of their staff struggling with inefficient and outdated process procedures.

Key Steps to Work Management

The following diagram illustrates the five key disciplines that are essential to a fully functional Work Management process. Each column needs to be equally strong and well supported during the development, implementation and embedding stages.

PCMS have worked with clients across many industry sectors to assess their various strengths and weaknesses within the five column criteria. This has led to the development of rapid action improvements, initiatives via focused workshops and shop floor engagements.

Work Management Overview

This is an introductory overview of the work management service provided by PCMS.

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