Wireless Machine Monitoring: A Cost-Effective Solution

June 14 2018 0Comment

Wireless Machine Monitoring: A Cost-Effective Solution

Catastrophic machine breakdowns are costly, especially when they are unexpected and critical to your production line.

Staying one step ahead of your machines by monitoring and analysing their performance is a cost-effective solution to prevent unplanned costly failures.

The System

Ronds’ wireless machine monitoring system can detect potential problems long before they disrupt your business operations.

The battery-powered wireless sensors – capable of running continuously for over two years – monitor vibration and temperature levels on pumps, gearboxes, fans, etc. The data is transmitted to a dedicated server via a wireless gateway over an Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection.

The online data analysis platform sits on the dedicated server and collects real-time data from your key assets, providing a detailed insight into machine health to identify abnormal conditions and prevent failures.

The smart alarm system can detect faults early to warn of impending faults, so maintenance can be scheduled with little impact on production.

These alarms can be accessed via a web interface from any PC, tablet or phone with internet access.

The Cost

Let’s face it, everything comes down to the bottom line. But for every second your production line is down, your business is losing lost production income which can amount to thousands of pounds.

Ronds’ Get Started package costs £4,999, which is suitable for monitoring six vibration and temperature channels across your assets with additional channels easily added at minimal cost; up to a maximum of 60.

By preventing one failure on a critical asset, you will instantly see a return of investment (ROI) when compared to the cost of repairing or replacing a machine that has unexpectedly failed.

The Proof

Request a no-obligation demonstration of the Ronds wireless machine monitoring system by calling 01709 876712 or emailing info@pcmseng.co.uk